Top Girl Skins

April 4, 2012

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There are not a lot of good minecraft girl skins out there, so I decided to compile a list of the top/best minecraft skins for girls ^-^ Please let me know of anymore you guys want added to here in the comments section, we really need more good girl skins, 90% of the ones I’ve found so far have been, well, less than great.

  1. Armored Female Adventurer
  2. Download Skin

    Apply To Your Character

  3. Awesome Robot Girl
  4. Download Skin

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  5. Cute “Normal” Girl
  6. Download Skin

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  7. Vampire Girl Skin
  8. Download Skin

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  9. Anime Girl
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  11. A “Is-That-Really-A-Girl-It-Kinda-Looks-Like-A-Guy-In-Girls-Clothes” Girl
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Top Girl Skins, 4.1 out of 5 based on 728 ratings

  • Unknown

    thank you! but do you have to buy the game to get these skins?

    • Asf

      Yup. o- o

  • DerekTheHacker

    Click the Download on the skin then it shows a picture then drag tat picture to desktop

  • Jenita


  • AceyBasey10

    sexy o.o

  • Hi

    These do not really look good btw!

  • Kaitbugga

    were r the good 1s

  • Raynerokz


    • Dharahderamas


  • nmj552


  • nmj552


  • Rawr333 31

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :P

  • Silversprite

    they all SUCK

  • funsize227


  • Desireemariesmith

    ok i dont have the full minecraft i just play the free one and i need to know if you can still add skins to the free on because i amd a girl and i wouold like to have the vampire girl outfit.(i love vampires) if you know if i can put skin on my gut plz let me no,(just leave a coment). and if you are responding to mejust say des on the coment. thank you.

    • LukasKlippel

       Of course u can: Go to your minecraft.jar, and then in the “mob” folder. delete the “char” and put your skin in the folder, call it char. Hope Icould help u. PS: I’m from Germany, sry if my English is bad…

  • KTaitano

    I love these skins!

  • zoey21

    none that fit me

  • Millie Preston :D

    like all skins

  • somthing

    bad and good

  • Epic_Nova

    #6 xD

  • Kamrynmccall

    cool skins

  • Kamrynmccall

    this is my dog her name is kammy

  • theminer10111

    hi this theminer10111 nice site, but im a boy,hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • lolzercpotrz


    • muriel thompson age 10

      you wish asshole

    • minecraft luver

      yea me too

    • markbuscus

      you could make them with red eyes.

    • Dolphin Crazy

      i wish the vampire had red eyes

    • alexa

      you can make one

    • OpSecDelta

      You can find a Shana skin on another site. The real skindex, supported by Minecraft.

  • Kittyfeather

    I wish they had the Panda Girl one … D:

    • Nfgwjsbgfjabj

      They do.

  • Anellisa2002


  • Sandra100

    Make a fucking hot girl this skins suck!

    • FuckJesus

      How in the fuck do you turn pixels into a hot girl?

      • Alex Pedersen


      • muriel thompson age 10

        don’t say that f*** word it’s the only word you know

        • gosher1243

          haha what to who? im crerous

      • LIL

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        • gosher1243


    • muriel thompson age 10

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    • greg

      i just made a fucking hot girl

      • maddy

        hey greg do you think you could like uuuh somehow show me it and is it free? couse if its free and i l ike it i MIGHT just might look into it for if i get a better acount in the futere im plaining it out step by step

    • Dolphin Crazy

      your fucking stupid Sandra100

  • AliceLove

    Come On!

  • GiftofCrafting

    most of the skins are not good but i want to find a good website with free cool skins. I like this website for boy skins they havenice ones just not for girls i mean i see some that are  okay like the adventure girl

  • Sophie)

    Thats stupid skins, my skin is more better than this skins.

  • Joe


  • Datthedat

    I liked all the skins :3, I  now wear the anime girl one too! Thanks for the awesome skins!

  • Why

    hey wouldd u rather go around as a guy or
    WAT?! appreciate what u got!

  • The awesomenater

    the frist one is mine

  • Lol14441


  • Rodchloe

    i love the robot girl and anitime girl it looks  coool on my minecraft

  • Lizzy

    not a lot to choose from i would look somewhere else for better skins

    • huhgameer

      sex me u girls sex oh oh


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    • AwesomeGirl

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    • James Alexander

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    • muriel thompson age 10

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      • Minecraft Lover

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      • The Person Who Is Here

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        • gosher1243

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  • Jennifer Brazzell123

    I was looking for skins for free but,there aint any! CURSE YOU NOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxgamer11

    damn that vampire girls hot damn!!!

  • Demoklit

    Is it so fucking hard to make one single minecraft skin for girls that doesn’t have horrible scene hair or anime eyes?

  • astronomer101

    I have the nomal girl she is the only on i liked

  • budewnumber2

    go to skincraft, make your own instead of this , its free, and its better than all of the skinn creators

  • Robert Noone


  • Robert Noone

    XD! i love the hottest one

  • meloDIE

    how do you make a skin im trying to make meloDIE one (my creepypasta character) and never knew how T.T can someone teach m pweeeeeease

  • Agronaut LP




  • thalia

    i LOVE the skins

  • Teressa

    cute skins i like them but they are not real

  • KAyla

    cool skins nice i like it

  • Mzxpredatorx

    make ur own skin rlly easy go onto ur ipad,ipod iphone ect and then get minecraft explorer pro ( 00.99) and then get skin creater make ur own skin easy

  • heart braker

    I love it!

  • dave244

    it is cool

  • AwesomeMinecraftGirl:P


  • nateg03

    how do you get an angle kit on diablos server?

  • xXWooozworldxX

    Go On The Skindex For Wayyy Better Skins

  • lol

    i wish i had skins like that

  • cutemangagirl45

    it does not look like animie plus i like manga better

  • muriel thompson age 10

    oh my god how old are your god fucking ass’s

  • Izzy

    All of these skins are ****** up

  • Amy

    so awesome

  • BlueBird448

    Horrible i like only 3 of them! HORRIBLE JOB!

  • Lollipopfairy15

    Horrible for one, two, three lol

  • LIL

    I think the vampire girl should have fangs

  • Nice guy

    the first one looks better in my opinion though.

  • thisisepic

    lol I love the one that’s called:6. a ”is-that-really-a-girl-it-kinda-looks-like-a-guy-in-girl-clothes” girl.

  • nelson

    this is kind of cool

  • ruby

    O_O I like them

  • ruby

    I like them so much one is going to be my skin

  • ruby

    I’m chosing vampire girl skin because she looks like me but i’m not a vampire

  • ruby

    …………….hhhhhoow do you do thes things

  • ruby

    do you make videos?????

  • Heidi

    it doesn’t work for me

  • anime girl

    i made anime girl ;) oh and thx for downloading it I have over a hundred likes already!!!



  • AwesomeLivy

    I love the skins! Got a boyfriend on a mc server the first day I had my skin! (today)

  • AwesomeLivy

    I like the skins but I think u should get more girl skins.
    You should put in like summertime girl skins! Bikini girl skins, tank top girl skins, that would be awesome!

  • AwesomeLivy

    I have “cute” Normal Girl

  • LadyD5

    I love the vampire girl =-]

  • bradly

    good but suck at the same time

  • COD: black ops 2

    i have most mods for minecraft i have seen allot beet

  • COD: black ops 2


  • COD: black ops 2

    better i ment

  • COD: black ops 2


  • COD: black ops 2


  • COD: black ops 2


  • awesome

    and there all so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • awesome

    its all so good but I have an app to recommened to you all for skins “skin creator” by seus

  • maddy

    my FAVS Awesome Robot Girl Cute “Normal” Girl

  • MelodicRose

    i dont really like any of these

  • justice

    need more skins

  • angee

    i want to play minecraft but it don’t work well i tried so hard it does not work

  • angee

    i want a girl vimpire won’t work

  • allie

    bam! omg! why idon’t have the t yetexture pack gosh!

  • Vymy Garton

    Lets choose a cute 1 ok

  • [SemiGod Mod] NateG03

    I Like The Girl Skins But… Im NateG03 And Im Moderator :-)

  • marandavcookie

    i had that skin the casual devil skin thats the one i had before my new one

  • catmak800

    I got the anime one!!!! now I don’t look like a noob!!!!

  • Dolphin Crazy

    I wish the vampire had red eyes

  • Dolphin Crazy

    i also like the first one

  • Dolphin Crazy

    I wont pick none of these because i make mine but i do like the first one

  • Dolphin Crazy

    i <3 Vampires

  • Dolphin Crazy

    there cool

  • sisa-MC

    beautiful girl skins :)

  • Livie

    I want one with rainbow hair

  • minecraftnerd2005

    ummmmm can one of the girl skins have like a tail or glasses?

  • andreitafer

    sexy¡¡¡ beutiful

  • Zoe

    how do you change your pic.?

    • gosher1243

      i dont know :]

  • BamaBoy0627

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  • _TadeGames_

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  • gosher1243

    well…it it is nice:}

  • MC

    all of them r crap

  • marcin

    sex sex sex sex

  • lol

    Awesome skins

  • crystal

    i like the 3rd one

  • Alana

    I love the anime girl she is very cute

  • Smartygirl1

    I like them

  • Minecraft dj skin maker

    I like the silver armoured female adventurer who ever made that skin is reallt gifted ;-)

  • huhgameer

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  • happygirl9012

    I wish I can have that blue eye girl

  • medina


  • gwen

    i like the anime girl