This Weeks Skin Downloads

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I thought if you didn’t want to search around for some cool skins I would upload some ones I thought were cool for you guys to use. So here is the first “Featured Skins” post, containing 4 super awesome minecraft skins.

First up is my personal favorite and it’s actually the one I’m using right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Creeper Face.

It scares the crap out of some people on multiplayer, overall a really fun skin.

Download Skin

My first skin was this cool ninja.

This allows you to walk right by zombies and skeletons without incident (not really)

Download Skin

Next up we have a hero, Superman!

The most heroic skin in minecraft.

Download Skin

And finally the classiest skin of them all, a tuxedo.

It even comes with a mustache! Thats the definition of class right there.

Download Skin

That’s all for this week folks!


This Weeks Skin Downloads, 3.1 out of 5 based on 47 ratings
  • tom

    hey you added me on twitter.
    minecraft rocks.
    i made a skin, it’s a hawaiian shirt style holiday zombie, george a romero stylez ala Day of the Dead, here’s the link, if you like it feel free to chuck it on your site.
    peace out!


  • Carlos II

    Please will you consider these suggestions?
    A guy with a baseball cap
    Metal gear solid characters
    Soap mctavish from cod4 & mw2
    A lion
    Claptraps please
    And a cat (white & black)
    Any of these would be lovely and I wish you’d make them / download em’.

  • xJWzZ


  • Zac

    i can’t get a skin and i own minecraft what do i do.

  • 544353535

    zac hit apply to your charcterand login

  • Yogscast

    dun dun

  • Dhieng


  • Dhieng

    i love the first one

    • puppyspirit36

      oh yeah creeper face! Hi my name isssss ssssteve I’m going to blow up in your facccce boom 1 down a hundred 99 to go!

  • Squidpie

    How do I submit…?