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FINISH HIM! Then steal his diamond sword with this awesome sub-zero skin.

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  • Kelly

    is he from mortal kombat.I think so

    • Matt

      Yeah, he is

  • Anonymous

    huge fan of mortal kombat this is just too cool


    @slipknotx yeah same here this is amazing….. how did they get copyright though? i mean to take the character… Or is it allowed? 

  • Effyou

    is it free?

  • ninjadog

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!! its my new skin for life!!!and blue is my fav color

    • yourfuckinmom

      Is blue cause sub-zero is blue idiot

  • Hiss665373

    lol i have limitted nologe of mortal cambat but i think if i remember right he is a boss you got to defeat…
    please reply and say if im right or wrong

    • Tank11990

      he is from mortal kombat but he ain’t no boss, one of the fighters that you get to play.

  • rizz7000

    sub-zero is my favorite character in mortal combat!!!