Snow Dog

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Even wanted to be one with the wolves? Now is your chance. Don your furry wolf snow suit and hit the ground running.

Snow Dog, 4.2 out of 5 based on 133 ratings DownloadEditChange
  • karlifriend

    hello, i personally love minecraft, and so does my bestfriend. So i have to say this skin is ok. but good job! better ten alot of other people!!!!!!!!!! keep trying! 95/100!!!! ill give you a 9 out of 10. that really good! good job and keep  making skins ! thx!- karlifriend

  • Wolffireclaw

    i cant download the skin

    • dexterTheChibi Wolf

      try xD ITS awesome

  • TheTrueWolfboy

    This is decent, I geuss, but why the heck aren’t there any good Wolf skins that look like the Minecraft one, other than the one I use? Honestly people, WER R WUFS?

  • bossasaurus64

    its a puppy doggy!!!! ;0

  • bossasaurus64

    i love doggys

  • WhiteSheWolf

    Its pretty cute, I say!

  • Mudl

    what skin name

  • dexterTheChibi Wolf


  • dexterTheChibi Wolf

    Fine. it takes you to the blank page with just the skin png. drag the png to your desktop then put it in your downloads. then go to skindex download a skin and press “select file” and then press upload it :

  • dexterTheChibi Wolf

    i mean “choose file”