Quandary Texture Pack

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Rating: 4.1/5 (82 votes cast)

This is one of the first texture packs I truly loved from the beginning. The fact that it doesn’t stray too far from the default look, I love. And the fact that there are 12 different seasons, essentially as sub-texture packs.

It is on version 3.3 as of March 2011 4.2 as of September 2011. And it is magnificent.

And here’s a little peak at all the items that have been changed:

Overall it’s a really awesome pack, especially now that it comes with a season rotating script.

Download here: http://www.retributiongames.com/quandary/files/Quandary_4.2.zip

Website: http://www.retributiongames.com/quandary/

Quandary Texture Pack, 4.1 out of 5 based on 82 ratings
  • Skinlover

    I Want it

  • CHGkiller

    its letting me download but when i open it doesent let me set it

  • Viv

    Does it have the beds too?

  • guest

    any plan for a standstone in the future, becuase as of yet it just shows into the earth

  • TamixD

    blue beds were better than the red ones 🙁

    • TDUFanGuy

      Ummm No Green Beds Are The Best! 0)

      • Snake

        Hell Ya Green beds are the best

  • I am too ninja!

    OMG this looks epic (have not got but will soon)

  • Saltwaterduck

    Glass on top of water (like a glass floor on top of water) makes the water and everything below it see through and you can see EVERY cave/dungeon/lava pit/etc..
    Kind of helpful to me but a bit annoying.

  • anon

    sandstone is transperant, can ya fix in next update please?

    • I didn’t make this, and unfortunately it looks like the guys who did haven’t updated it for use with beta 1.3 yet. I will put some more texture packs up to choose from since this one is now incomplete.

  • zlot

    I am new to minecraft and i think it looks cool=)

    • TDUFanGuy

      Noob xD JK (Joking)

  • Anonymous

    Very VERY good.. But unformtunately not updated s;

  • Bob

    this has been updated for beta 1.3_1 just go to the website

  • Bob

    this has been updated for beta 1.3_1 just go to the website

  • CimSlunt

    Very good however i dont believe it is updated for 1.4 as the is no image for bed and when i make one its invisible.

  • Wazalee15

    yea you are right Cimsluntthe bed is invisible
    for so great reason

  • TDUFanGuy

    The Only One Texture Pack Lol xD

  • TDUFanGuy

    Its Not A 1.4 Texture Pack You Know Its a 1.3_1 🙂 Lol

  • Nancyinto

    if notch added a new hostile mob i suggest that there should be a griffin 😀 and a tameable one 😀

  • Remco W

    how to activate?

  • Dominik4802

    jak tą texturę uruchomić?

  • Clubpenguindude123

    hey guys when i moved the quandary folders into the texture packs folder and went to click it it wasnt there

  • Clubpenguindude123

    hey guys when i moved the quandary folders into the texture packs folder and went to click it it wasnt there

  • guest

    is this compatible for 1.0.0?

  • Tristanhutch

    this is cool


    hmmmm it looks good, i guess 😐

  • solepino8o8

    i dont know how to get it

  • Jenette53@yahoo.com

    I think it looks mostly real cause of the shading

  • FlareTheHedghog

    sweet.getting it.

  • Jrzacharymelendrez

    didnt open

  • Dc


  • nicolas

    i love the armour gold  dimond leather and iron

  • Robertbr02

    how do you donload it plz tell me

  • Robertbr02

    i dont have a clue how to donload it help me plz some one
    anyone plz ime begging you

  • Ketchupdude2000

    does it work for1.2

  • Kacth66

    Ok, to download this, go to the website listed above  http://www.retributiongames.com/quandary/files/Quandary_4.2.zip. Download it and open the file after hitting SAVE. Then go to your minecraft game and click on TEXTURE PACKS. You will only have the default, so go to the bottom button and OPEN the texture packs folder. Now go back to the file you should still have open from the download and DOUBLE CLICK it to find all the updated text packs. Find the recent one should be 4.6 or somewhere around there at the bottom of the folder. After that go to the texture packs folder and PASTE (it should be the only file in the texture packs folder). Go into minecraft, apply it. DONE! Hope this helped guys! 🙂

  • Boy Lego

    downloaded it and in Minecraft…looks like default

  • Ghostbusters

    Good, now i could find diamond easy than the hard way:My f***in texture only me