Planetoid Map Generator Minecraft Mod

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Rating: 4.2/5 (30 votes cast)

This minecraft mod essentially just generates hundreds of different spheres in minecraft, out of different materials. You are able to set it so that you have open sky at the bottom so you just die whenever you fall, or you can have water. I’d suggest open sky unless you want to be building anything at the bottom.

The current version is v1.75 and it does not require any additional things to run.

Download here:

Made by Seibai

Planetoid Map Generator Minecraft Mod, 4.2 out of 5 based on 30 ratings
  • Fudgyhoops


  • Xale1231

    How do you make the planetoids? Does it only work on multiplayer or can it be on single plater too?

  • I run the .exe but it won’t work

  • Andre Hov 1997

    i dont get it to work i have downloaded it and runned the thing but how does it work??

  • how does u run it i have run the program but i dont gets it to work

  • Anthony

    this is jank i dont know anything on what to do the this only has media files

  • MarcosCosmos

    What it is planetoid density?, is it the number of planetoids in the map or a ratio of outer shell to inner mineral for each planetoid?

  • guest

     i activ the program do da theings it want it completes and ? what now ?

  • Zeke

    This looks cool
    does it work for 1.0.0?

    • Adam

      I don’t know maybe.

  • HenryBubbel

    Can you please update it for 1.0.0 (I saw it on Youtube by Xephos++they are amazing suscribe to them).

    • Marius Pettersen

      of curse they are amazing, right?

  • Gabija Mac

    does it work on minecraft 1.2.3?

    • Marius Pettersen

      hope so

  • Raynerokz

    how do i download it?

  • ytncjghn