“Nekos” Cat Minecraft Mod

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The original name is WTFisaNeko, and it is a cat mod for minecraft that is currently in Version one and compatible up to Beta 1.2_02 (at the time of this writing). Originally created by KodaichiZero.

These nekos, or “cats” as I coloquially refer to them, are NOT too fond of people, which makes them really exciting. By nature, they spawn a bit rarely and always alone, and they partake in activites like chasing smaller mobs (chickens/burds/bunnies) or items lying on the ground, but if a player approaches them, they will start to growl and angry smoke will come out of their heads! If you stay around them for too long, they’ll lunge at you and give you one nasty scratch! But fear not, there is a way to make cats trust you! the answer is simply MILK!

Just grab a bucket, find a cow, collect some milk and then right-click the cat. If you did it correctly, you should see a big puff of steam, and the cat will stop being aggressive towards the player. Well done! But this is just the beginning. As you keep on feeding the cat more and more buckets of milk, its trust level raises (as well as its HP) and great things start to happen! After you feed the three (3) milk buckets, the cat will start to follow you, and you can see its trust level! This is great for if you want a simple pet cat. But we’re not done yet!

When a cat is fed a total of seven (7) milk buckets, some really good stuff starts to happen. The cat will become loyal to you, so if it sees any monsters around, it will attack them with its fierce claws! The attack is as strong as an arrow, and since each milk bucket heals 4 HP (or 2 hearts), your pet cat can get up to 20 HP from its natural ten and really deal some damage against your enemies! And since it specifically only attacks monsters, most of your friends should get along with it just fine. In addition, when a cat reaches this state, it will not despawn naturally, so you can keep it as a pet in your house forever. But there is one more thing I should warn you about.

As you can see, this is where my flawed coding skills show themselves. Because of a terrible glitch I cannot remove, cats transform themselves into a hideous creature when fed at least fifteen (15) milk buckets. Thankfully, there are various other glitches at this state that can give you an advantage. I tried my best to find them all, and you can see what I came up with in the abilities section.

Summary of Abilities:

  • Spawns rarely and alone
  • Considered to be an animal
  • Drops string or feathers upon death
  • Attacks by pouncing like a spider, deals 2 hearts
  • Will attack and eat small creatures, gaining HP
  • Will attack the player if the player stays near it for too long
  • Will lose trust or attack the player if the player hits it
  • Will chase after dropped items and hit them until they break
  • Gains HP and trust when given milk buckets with a right-clickAt trust level 1 (calm mode):
  • Will not attack the player anymore unless hit by the playerAt trust level 3 (interested mode):
  • Will follow the player around
  • Will show its trust level when right-clicked
  • Drops an additional fish upon deathAt trust level 7 (loyal mode):
  • Will attack visible nearby monsters (only monsters) that target the player
  • Does not despawn naturally anymore
  • Will show its HP when right-clicked
  • Drops a memorial cake upon tragic death instead of the fishAt trust level 15 (catgirl mode):
  • Turns into a different creature
  • Still uses a cat stance when chasing targets
  • Shows various messages when right clicked, which change depending on the HP level or what she is chasing
  • When damaged, she will only die if her HP was at exactly 1 before the damage took place. This means she can survive a full-on creeper blast, or take 5 hits from zombies instead of 4
  • Drops a green “cat” record upon very tragic death, as a way to remind you of it when it’s gone
  • Apparently loves you.


  • As with all mods, bad things always happen in the first version – as is plainly obvious. Make sure to post any additional glitches you find, catgirl-related or non-catgirl-related.
  • OMG attacks the player on peaceful mode if you are mean to it! Sorry!
  • It seems that sometimes cats stay angry at the player even after being fed lots of milk? For future reference, just don’t hit them.


  • You must first install Risugami’s Mod Loader + Audio Mod and 303’s spawnlist API before this mod will work. Other mods may include the spawnlist API, but please do not attempt to install old versions of the mod loader or spawnlist into the 1.2_02 client.
  • If you are using a Mac computer, search for a special Mac installation tutorial if you have problems installing the mod. “Minecrafter” or something like that might work.
  • Once you’ve successfully install the three requirements above, simply follow the instructions uncluded in the download.


"Nekos" Cat Minecraft Mod, 3.9 out of 5 based on 35 ratings
  • Jonc83

    wow! this seems to be awesome! like mixing Minecraft and Black&White 🙂

    • Damianselby

      is it free?

      • I think so, I’ve never tried this mod.

  • Fudgyhoops

    DOUBLE YAY!!!!

  • Evania

    It’s cute that it become a little cat-girl :3

  • ChopStickSoSushi

    Will This be Available/Compatible for the Beta 1.3_01

  • ChopStickSoSushi

    Will This be Available/Compatible for the Beta 1.3_01

  • Galljenni

    i dont know how to download this mod what do i do waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • FlareTheHedghog

    lol awsome

  • Max

    What the fuck is this shit? Lol im i right?

  • Enderr

    beta… this is way out dated…

  • Anon

    Update this to 1.7.10 for forge, then we’ll talk