Minecraft Update 1.6 – Expected Features

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Notch just Tweeted that the 1.6 update will be dropping sometime next week, so I thought now would be a good time to go over the new features and major bug fixes we can expect to see in 1.6.

New Features:

Major Bug-fixes:

  • Old “glitch-based” boosters will no longer work [Twitter]
  • Shift-clicking will place crafted or smelted item in your inventory [Twitter]
  • Boat/Water elevators have been nerfed (slowed) [Twitter]
  • Beds in the Nether have been fixed [Twitter]
  • Nether fixed in SMP [Tumblr]


  • Possibly a new “Sky Dimension”/floating islands world [Twitter]
  • Possibly Pistons (they will be added, but it is unsure which version they will be added in)

As usual, any additional changes or bug fixes will be listed here as they are announced.

Minecraft Update 1.6 - Expected Features, 4.0 out of 5 based on 38 ratings
  • That Guy…

    THIS IS OLD as in minecraft alpha old.

    • puppyspirit36

      ikr?!?!?! so what do I do? I end up playing it because some mod creators AREN’T UPDATING THEIR MODS! Ugh. I really miss sprinting….