Minecraft 1.5 Update: Expected Features

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So the new Minecraft 1.5 update was supposed to go live this week according to notch, but it appears that it may take slightly longer than expected due to all the new features being added so it will not be this week.

I was expecting it this week so I was waiting to do a post on the 1.5 features when they came out, but since it will likely be next week I am going to compile a list of what is being expected in the 1.5 update (along with sources if I can find them).


  • Rain and Snow [Twitter]
  • Ice and Snow will regrow, and rain will auto-water farms [Twitter]
  • Thunder and Lightning [Twitter]
  • If a pig gets hit by lightning it will turn into a zombie-pigman [Twitter]
  • Thunder storms lower the light enough for mobs to spawn during the day D: [Twitter]


  • A powerrail (this means no more glitchy boosters, yay!) [Twitter]
  • Powerrail will boost or stop the cart [Twitter]
  • Detector rail (to replace using pressure plates I assume) [Twitter]


  • Stats & Achievements [Twitter]
  • Spruce and Birch have their own saplings [Twitter]
  • Fence gates!! [Reddit]
  • Multiplayer servers will have a stronger flight-checking ability (to ban those who use flying mods) [Twitter]
  • Pistons will not be coming in 1.5 [Twitter]

EDIT (4/15/11):

  • You wont be able to climb ladders with gaps [Twitter]
  • Crafting a ladder will make 2 instead of 1 [Twitter]
  • Occlusion Culling ? [Twitter]

I believe that is all the information we have for now, if anything new comes up before release I will add it here.

Here is a video of the planned stats, achievements and weather:

Minecraft 1.5 Update: Expected Features, 3.6 out of 5 based on 17 ratings