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I don’t like to mention religion, because it just tends to end badly when I do, but I cannot resit! This Jesus minecraft skin is hilarious, I love it.

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  • Crypto

    hahahahahahaah awesome man ! ;D

  • Razzer640


  • BobbyBob

    I can’t download it

  • Tin1998_king


  • Bensmit98

    how can i download this and use it?

  • JesusFreak

    at least theres a religion goin on LETS GO JESUS!!!!

  • Icyman200

    how do i download?
    every time i click it it just shows a picture

    • JesusFreak

      same here???


    to download the: skin click the link, save the picture wherever you want, log onto the minecraft website, go on your profile click brouse and find the image then upload it. Next time you log on to the client you will have it on your character. press f5 while playing to see a behind view and then press f1 for a front view, press f5 again to return to first person

  • Camfaro

    wow good skin

  • Anonymous

    right click on download skin and save it anywhere, then find where its saved eg: desktop, rename it to “char.png”, then go start > Run > type %appdata% then click ok > .minecraft > bin > open minecraft.jar in winrar > Go to Mobs > Replace the current char.png with your new one > close it all down > Go to Minecraft on your desktop > Play and enjoy your new skin 🙂 hope that helped you guys x

  • ass guy

    i h8 this website -_-

    • Hey ass guy, what don’t you like in particular?

      We’re always looking for suggestions on what to improve 🙂



  • MisterStrong

    THIS IS THE BEST! I MEAN O M GOODNESS IT’S JESUS! Who ever made this skin is automatically awesome!!! 😀