How to Make Your Own Minecraft Skin

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So you want to make your own Minecraft skin? Well read on! I hope you have some serious MS paint skills, because making a minecraft skin isn’t the easiest thing you can do (it’s not too difficult either, so don’t freak out).

The first thing you’ll need is the minecraft skin template, which you can download here.

Minecraft Skin TemplateAs we can see in the minecraft skin template, every part of the minecraft sprite is on a seperate part of the image. So each part that you want your skin to have, you’ll need to color in in MS paint/photoshop or something similar.Be careful because this image is blown up about 100 times, so when you save your finished skin it will need to be 64×32 pixels. Keep that in mind when you’re designing your minecraft skin.

If you want something to go off of, here is the default minecraft skin that everyone starts with.

I would suggest first making a mask to see how you get on making a minecraft skin, and then once you have something you are comfortable with then try something more ambitious like an entire suit and mask. Again, the minecraft skin template is there to guide you.

If you’re not that interested in making one yourself then check out the skins we have here and download one. Alternatively, use the minecraft skin editor to edit an existing skin!

How to Make Your Own Minecraft Skin, 4.2 out of 5 based on 360 ratings
  • omg thank you for telling me how to make a minecrsft skin!! iv been searching a bunch of sites but yours was really helpful 🙂 yay now i can make a.. a something person 😀

    • Admin

      I’m glad you found it useful 🙂

      If you ever make a skin send it on over to me and I’ll put it up on the site

  • mine keeps on having white heads

  • Hill billy bob

    it’s awesome and all but when you resize it, it cuts out 99% of what you just worked on, or the template itself how do i fix that?

  • Kaurudianne

    I’m having a problem with every skin I try to make… The head accessory never shows up, ever. I edit the standard skin and save it as a png, but the head/hair/hat parts never appear. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Anonymous

      You need to have transparency, and for that you need a program such as photoshop, gimp,, or something similar (the latter 2 being free). Simply draw over the transparent background with a non-antialiased pencil, save it as a .png, and it should work. Again, the key is having at least 1 transparent pixel on the image (as in, the areas that you don’t use like the top left corner square) and your head accessory should work.

    • Chris

      Me Dunno If Ur Doing Something Wrong Or Not You Must Be Doing It Right.


  • Bob

    how do you download minecraft skin editor

    • Jarytb

      You dont download it. You edit your profile and it says Upload skin 😉

  • Eliasruler

    what should i open it in? paint?

  • Askatedude

    make a ghillie suit skin that matches with the mincraft grass!

  • Taylormpatterson

    my preview library is broken and it says to type in the url to download it but i can still make skins i just cant see what they look likde on the guy whith out uploading it help

  • Camfaro

    i cant get it to make the preview
    thats all im wondering

  • minecraftqueenakaMew14

    i dont get it….. but i have a more impotaint problem, whats a video card driver and how do u update it? because it says i cant play minecraft till thats updated, can any one help?

    • Ndhaslett

      Go in ur desktop, right click and go to preferences. Click the tab on the top second on the right, click advanced, select troubleshoot tab, adjust slider to just one left of middle should help.

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  • Cheezy_da_kracker

    can some one make a barry the chopper skin?

  • Connorda

    i wish they just made like a paint and you cantwist the character and paint him or her

  • Clorid

    can someone plzz make me a diever man?

  • Still1177

    How do you make a skin without downloading?Kind of ike a game online.

  • Thank you so much! I love you!!! <3

  • Chibi

    With this article and templates given, I made my first skin (Hetalia Japan) and I’m very proud of it! Thanks!

  • Andycross8

    go on minersneedcoolshoes to create your minecraft skin

  • Louizee

    I really don’t get it 🙁

  • Thomas Danhardt

    How about Shading the skin? I am having a hard time making it look “realistic” are there any ways/tricks you can reveal?

  • i don’t get it 😛 when i press on the “here” the picture just come up and nothing about download… make it easier please

  • Shadow

    Transperant Template,Please…

  • Yogscast

    WTF? Coulden’t minecraft just make a forum for this crap so its eaiseir my paint dosent work and this is so complex

    • Justin

      are you really the yogscast if yes tell me 🙂

    • Justin

      are you really the yogscast if yes tell me 🙂

    • yogscast lover

      yalls great 😀 i loves yall vids

    • yogscast lover

      yalls great 😀 i loves yall vids

    • Danielhebbard

      Try A Program Called SkinEdit Its ALLOTT easier 🙂

    • MochaBean

      You know he isn’t the yogscast right?

  • Chris

    Yeah.Where You Can Download The Skin Template I Click And All I Get is The Photo Of Making The Skin….This Site Sucks

  • Chris

    Yeah.Where You Can Download The Skin Template I Click And All I Get is The Photo Of Making The Skin….This Site Sucks

  • DooDaa

    Is it possible to make a firemans hat?

  • DooDaa

    Is it possible to make a firemans hat?

  • yogcast lover

    holy notch its the yogscast 😀

  • yogcast lover

    holy notch its the yogscast 😀

  • ShadowTHHG

    if u dont use skinedit use PAINT.NET!!!!
    ok the n bye forever!! lol real

  • me too my paint dosent work

  • Randy

    Mine Wont work :<

  • Xnight_killaX

    how do you download the skinzone

    • Open the image in a new tab/window, right click, Save As.  Boom.

  • Xnight_killaX

    how do you download the skinzone

  • Xnight_killaX

    how do you download the skinzone

  • MochaBean

    Skincraft. ’nuff said 😀

  • Regiking9

    i cant find the download

  • Jakee

    it is good

  • kyle q

    am kyle q and am a fan of the yogcast

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    just go to skincraft its better and no download

  • Deadmau5

    wth there is no skin of me make 1 

  • Anonymous

    awesome i love the iron man skin

  • Yogscast Fan

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    can’t you just use ‘Nova Skin’ instead it’s a lot easier that downloading this and you can upload the skin strait onto your minecraft character.

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    This website is rubbish

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