How To Change Your Minecraft Skin

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Since people are STILL asking me how to change their skin, I made a video showing exactly how to do it. I’ve made it easier now with the “Apply to Your Character” button on all the new posts, but if you want to do it manually then this will show you how.

Pro-tip: Watch it in HD

Please don’t ask me how to do this anymore 🙂

P.S. I only just made the YouTube channel and I haven’t made videos before so if you guys have some suggestions as to what sort of videos you’d like me to do then I’d be happy to hear them. If you have an idea then just leave a comment below or on the video.

How To Change Your Minecraft Skin, 4.1 out of 5 based on 86 ratings
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  • Jaze

    how did you zoom out?

    • Roseblue122

      you press f5 i’m pretty sure

    • Loveemusic5

      press F5

    • Loveemusic5

      press F5

  • ben

    omg that was soo helpful!!!!!!! thank you soo much!!!!!
    I all ways saved it not downloaded it.

  • Paulina

    Thank You. that Was Very Helpful, but How Did You Zoom Out ?

  • Paulina

    Oh. Nvm. F5

  • lol2

    And , who is using the SP version , how can they change theirs skin :

  • hoho


  • Sir Higgin Bottoms

    Off topic question but what is the beats name?

  • lol5

    how change skin I want herobrine skin his scary and strong