Enderman in a Hoodie

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Enderman back from his interview, now watching TV in his favourite hoodie.

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  • MinecraftAddicted




    • Creeper


  • alpha54321

    i just love this one i want to get it so badly…as soon as i download the game LOLZ ^^

    • DaLEStroYEr

      i know how to change skin without premium that’s why i’m here.

      • Mr.CrapFace

        how do you change the skin even if your not premium pls tell meh..

  • Guitarhero_brown88993

    Wow! CoLeSt SkIn I hAvE sEeN sO fAr!! 😛


    LuV It!!! AwEsOmE!! By ThE wAy I aM tHe SaMe PeRsOn As DoWn BeLoW!! :p

  • Poo

    how do u download this skin

    • Blah

      you click download skin and right-click the little picture and click save picture as…

      • Blah

        you also have to go to ur account and upload it

        • puppyspirit36

          Or you can just hit “Apply” and it’ll do it for you

  • Mathewshires

    ive made a human version of this skin if anyones interested i’ll upload it

  • uknow

    MY FAV

  • derpman

     aha great man i show only my face in multiplayer and it scares them all

    • puppyspirit36

      I had a glitch with the Pumkin Quest adventure map where all the pumkin headed zombies were just a bunch of floating pumkins, didn’t scare me at all.

  • vblo

    this was my fisrt skin tha i got, it super awesome

  • Awsumbugz

    i cant apply it to my skin

    • Creeper

      right click download and then just click save target as Ednerman-in-hoodie.png then go on minecraft,com make sure you get the login page then click browse find the skin enderman-in-hoodie.png then click upload then you get your skin

  • Dan

    Guys can anybody tell me if this works for xbox and is it free and do u do it with usb

  • Dan

    Ignore the if this is free part

  • PiKa127

    how do I edit this skin

    • puppyspirit36

      Good question… I want blue eyes not green :/

  • CreeperDaed

    I love this skin

    • Creeper

      me too

    • Creeper

      do you like me

  • Creeper

    this is awesome sauce skin=coolness

  • minecreeper

    my skin wont change my skin
    im trying to get my new skin
    but i keep trying to get my
    new skin:(

    • puppyspirit36

      Same here… try playing an earlier version dude in 1.7.9 and 1.7.10 for me everyone’s a steve but in 1.7.2 skins work

  • puppyspirit36

    OMG Awesome!!!! I love Endermen, they’re my second favorite hostile minecraft mob! (my first is Creeper, but who doesn’t think they’re lovable, as long as they aren’t exploding, a.k.a. creative?)

  • necko

    i lik it