Dr. Zoidberg

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Ok I have a confession to make. I love futurama. I’ve been watching it from the beginning since a few weeks ago and I am in love with it. Zoidberg is my favorite character by far, so this minecraft skin I think is awesome. A bloody adorable Dr. Zoidberg minecraft skin from futurama

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  • Mdfoley13

    I OWE YA ONE MAN!!! htanks for making it like i asked

    • Lol no probs man! Sorry I deleted your other comment, I accidentally clicked delete and can’t figure out how to undo it :/

  • Jbg1122

    how do you download

  • ZestySalsa

    I love you

  • Laino

    Where do i download it?the download link doesnt work

  • Elek962

    Hehe, love this show 2. zoidberg ftw!