Creeper TF2 Spy

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Rating: 4.1/5 (44 votes cast)

This is a great skin, whoever made it did a really good job. It’s a creeper dressed as a RED spy from TF2 🙂

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  • Snowfeet


  • BandiYEAH!

    he never really was on thier side!

  • Dennisrazor11

    Can anyone please tell me how to apply this skin?

  • Warrenak

    how do u dowmload

    • Jakejaden6

      save it as a picture and then go to ur profile on minecraft and hit browse and find the picture when u find it apply and there u go and make sure u save it as picture after u hit download and it becomes really small

  • Kevymickey

    it says its has the wrong dimesion

  • Jeremie Moretti

    wat the