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CaptainSparklez’s official skin! This is the exact skin he wears, taken straight from his account 🙂

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  • tomwilko

    no cape so u troll!

    • Ciarasmith9

      Does it do the herobrine eye thing?

    • Tanner Lien

      Unless you have a cape the skin wouldn’t have a cape so you Trroll or You Retard!

      • Mathewshires

        the cape is a mod  seperate from the skin -_-

  • Dare


  • captain nova

    dude i have that skin and my friends love it its awesome 

  • Assfuckyall


  • Assfuck

    no cape :(i want a cape that says assfuck on it

  • Ibrahim

    what about the cape?


    ins fRIKKEN

  • Deadman

    herobrine eyes

  • Weqw

    de cape 🙁

  • ddog

    i love the skin