Assassins Creed 2 – Altair

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This is a cool Assassins Creed 2 Skin of Altair (the main guy). I know there’s a lot of Assassins Creed fans out there (me included) so I thought you guys would enjoy it.

Assassins Creed 2 - Altair, 4.3 out of 5 based on 61 ratings DownloadEditChange
  • Supanova

    how do you put these on clasic

    • I don’t think you can

    • Dude

      you cant

  • Martinstatic

    Was Altair in AC2?
    Either way, nice skin man

  • Hans P1

    Altaïr was in Assassins Creed one.
    Ezio Auditore la Firenze was in Assassins Creed two.

    And, if you are a true Assassins Creed fan, you must know that Altaïr has an ï in it, not just a normal i.

    • Mr Ezio

      If u ate a TRUE Assassin’s Creed fan, you would know that it is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. lol jk just ginin ya shit. 😛

      • Mr Ezio


        • Jdlipke

          Actually, I have heard that it is Ezio Auditore de la Firenze. I may have heard wrong, of course, but whatever.

    • Skinlover

      its da firenze not la but you got a Awesome text bro

    • Wolf

      BTW Altair is in Assasin’s Creed 2 but if you got all six coins from the crypts you’ll get his armor they just talk a littble bit about him

  • Hans P1

    Nice skin btw.

  • ChinaTown

    You can, if you use uPlay, wear Altair’s clothes from AC1.

  • D Brooks1992

    i like it but i duno how to use it iv only just got minecraft so i dont wanna do eny thing stupid by gowing throu all the files and doing something wrong if eny1 can help please do 😀

    • sssssssss

      all you do is press apply to your character and if it goes to minecraft homepage go back and press apply to your charcter again do this until it showa a small jumbled up pic… then press change and go play minecraft on that page it is easy

  • Razzer640

    Dude, Your skins are amazing!
    keep making them!
    But, If you could go on ROBLOX, Type razzer640 on people, And make a skin like my user, I would donate money, If you was to ad a tab to do that or cource.

  • Lirim-k

    How do you download a skin.When I try it goes to a nearly all white page.Is that supposed to happen.I dont know someone please help me download a skin

    • Steven_terrones

      to download it right click itand pick save pictrure as then save it to where ever u want then you go to your minecraft profile and go to browse under the pic of ur character then go to where the saved pic was then open then upload then DONE

  • Trac1995


  • Trac1995


  • Crazidud

    it doesnt work

  • Ottokratky

    altair- assassins creed 1
    ezio auditore di firenze- assassins creed 2
    it don’t work

  • Daniel

    click download skin then go to minecraft goto profile click browse then find that skin upload it

  • Ryan

    help every skin i try to download doesnt work, its just a white page with a small jumbled up pic next to it

  • Minelover

    I think i gonna use him after a time i used the dead space hero both are awsome and really cool

  • JOK

    is free ? Bo ja jestem Polak(Polish):D

  • restcoser

    Can I use this skin in a texture pack? I’m just needing one for a texturepack included with a assasssins creed map i’m working on.
    Of course I’d give you credits, that skin is awesome.

  • Inovandenberg

    cant dload it? any idea why?

  • trol’d

    dude, he is trol’d

  • assassin creed super fan

    that is ezio you hate assassin creed i bet go play the game and you will see when he kill the guy who killed his brothers and father 

  • Superdidrik

    he had an eagle on his hood

  • sssssssss

    wait why it no have apply to your charecter???

  • sssssssss

    i wanted to apply to my character 🙁 plz add an apply to your character.

  • mike234

    if your a TRUE fan you must now assassins creed 3
    becus all my ferans play it.