Simplistic Minecraft Wallpaper

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This is a nice and simple minecraft wallpaper. Just a plain blue background and the minecraft icon (in high-res) in the middle. Very nice for …

District 9 Style Minecraft Wallpaper

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This is a pretty cool minecraft wallpaper I found, it’s styled like the “No Prawn” signs from District 9 (great movie btw). Not too keen …

Minecraft – Dream it, Build it

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You guys are just too awesome! Yarko just sent me this awesome minecraft wallpaper that he made and asked me if I’d like to put …

Multi Monitor Minecraft Wallpaper (Hi Res)

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This is a super high resolution minecraft wallpaper. (It’s something like 3000 pixels across, which is basically 2 monitors). Very good for minecraftians with a …

I Made a Facebook Page!

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As you can guess by the title, I made a Facebook page for the site! Go here: to check it out. Send it to …