Minecraft Update 1.6 – Expected Features

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Notch just Tweeted that the 1.6 update will be dropping sometime next week, so I thought now would be a good time to go over …

Minecraft Update 1.5 Is Out

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After a slight delay last week, Minecraft update 1.5 is now out and available for everyone. Along with the expected features I listed here, there …

Minecraft 1.5 Update: Expected Features

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So the new Minecraft 1.5 update was supposed to go live this week according to notch, but it appears that it may take slightly longer …

New: ‘Minecraft News’ Section

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So a new section has been added to the site: The Minecraft News section, where we will be talking about the latest updates, newest additions …

Syrup’s Mods: Expanded Farming

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Expanded Farming allows you to grow mushrooms, pumpkins, and flowers, turning them into renewable resources. Pumpkins grow the same way wheat does, flowers grow quickly, …

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